Let’s Save Togo Collective and the Coalition Arc-en-ciel in the streets of Lomé this Saturday for their third and last day of demonstrations

In the streets of Lomé, from Bè Kondjindji to the beach of the Marina this saturday, the leaders of Let’s Save Togo Collective and the Coalition Arc-en-ciel have attracted a crowd of activists to demand consensual reforms.

From Bè Kodjindji, the demonstrators marched down some streets of the capital before gathering at the beach not far from the Ibis Hotel for their meeting.

Follow up and end of three days of manifestations which began last Thursday, this march followed by a meeting has allowed Let’s Save Togo Collective and the coalition Arc-en-ciel to denounce the “cavalier manner” in which the reforms are dealt in the National Assembly in a form of a bill put forward by the government.

Main demands: the constitutional and institutional reforms including the limitation of the presidential mandate with immediate effect and the voting system (two-round) in the 2015 presidential elections.

“We want reforms, especially the limitation of the president mandate and the voting system. That is what the people of Togo want at the moment”, said Alphonse Kpogo this saturday.

For Isabelle Améganvi: “what the Togolese are presently interested in is the reforms. I have just returned from a tour with the ANC. It is really pathetic, the condition of the roads in the interior of the country. It is not because we built a few roads in Lomé that we can claim that we have achieved development. It is not because we distributed in this 21st century, hoes to farmers every five years that there is development. We want more than that!”

According to Gerry Taama from Nouvel Engagement Togolais (New Togolese Commitment), party member of the Coalition Arc-en-ciel, constitutional and institutional reforms must be absolutely consensual.

This is an opportunity also for Let’s Save Togo Collective and the Coalition Arc-en-ciel to inform their activists that the local elections must precede the 2015 presidential.

The government has recently sent a draft to Parliament, “in the form of a draft bill”, these two points are contained in the main part. Except that the presidential term limits should not apply to the current president, contrary to the demand of the opposition.
This requirement of the opposition parties were designed to target President Faure Gnassingbé, who was elected in 2005 and then re-elected in 2010.

Lucien Hounkanli


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