Togo : Faure Gnassingbé bans journalists to talk or write about the elections


HAACMonday, the ‘Haute Autorité de l’Audiovisuel et de la Communication – HAAC’ (press regulation body in Togo) met the medias bosses. This session, chaired by Mr. Atsou Homawoo, member of the partisan institution of the Togolese press self-regulation, was about ordering the bosses of radio and television broadcasters to abstain from discussing the matters relating to recent presidential election in Togo. According to HAAC, measures must be taken to avoid any discussions likely to confuse Togolese people who are not naïve any longer.

This measure, far from respecting the orthodox on freedom of press and expression, is an obstacle which sufficiently demonstrates the fear that characterizes an electoral holdup from a bygone age of the Gnassingbé clan and the RPT/UNIR system, with the complicity of an army and institutions tied to power. Thus, it will not be surprising to see the Togolese press avoid talking about Togo news, rather talk about Benin or Burundi. Ultimately, he who dares talk about Togo presidential election will have HAAC to deal with. We are therefore heading for the shutdown of careless radio and television stations, those who will not abide by this unjust, unclear, insane and absurd measure which aim is to stop opinions on political realities in Togo, thus making Togolese a people without root, father, subjugated and oppressed.

All this happens under the guilty gaze of the international community which refuses to state the law as it is of Togo and its fiftieth anniversary of dictatorship.

Jean-Luc Ablodévi


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