Togo, members of Parliament reject the government’s draft bill

Togolese members of parliament in a plenary session this Monday have mostly voted by 63 votes against the draft bill of constitutional and institutional reforms introduced by the government.

Due to lack of consensus, only 27 deputies have voted favourably to support this bill, against 63 and 1 abstention.

“For us, if it is necessary to limit the presidential term, we must forget the fact that it has to be immediate” said Christophe Tchao chairman of the parliamentary group UNIR (the party in power).

This rejection of the bill by UNIR members give reason to Let’s Save Togo Collective and the Coalition Arc-en-ciel who, in the aftermath of the collapse of the dialog Togotelecom 2, had spoken of a dialog of deaf.

It is only right today to foresee the future of Togo on an angle other than the willingness of Faure Gnassingbé to perpetuate himself in power; it may be for him to stay in a monarchy for which he is heir without taking into account the negative consequences of this state of affairs on the Togolese people who are perpetually living in misery.

C. Amétobéna


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